Monday, 10 June 2019


This is my first attempt of Bengali poetry book with English translation in shoptly. Have tried a few in Amazon but as I have shifted venue, from now on these too will show up here.


This book is dedicated to the Goddess we, all creators adore I believe, Goddess Saraswati- the creator of art, music, literature.


There are Bengali poems, their rough English translation and of course illustrations. Hope this tiny colourful book will please you! It is next to impossible to translate poetry, so I don’t try. I just capture the essence and share that. I think that is more honest and intelligible too!


I will love to hear from you, compliments, suggestions anything will do!



Sharmishtha Basu





Sunday, 9 June 2019




Back when I had lot of time to illustrate I created two forms, Seven and Seventeen. So I could illustrate them to the contentment of my heart and soul.


Then with time I could no longer manage the time to illustrate, instead I started word-paintings, trying to capture the scenes with words only.


Here are the poems I have shared in my blog in 2018, hope you will enjoy them. Do tell me your views!


Happy reading!

Sharmishtha Basu

17th July 2018

Haridebpur, Kolkata

Saturday, 8 June 2019




Back when I had lot of time to illustrate I created two forms, Seven and Seventeen. So I could illustrate them to the contentment of my heart and soul.


Then my twin ezines elbowed their way in and captured all the limelight, I still publish them in blogs, without illustration. Here they are at your service, let me know if you like them!


The essence of the poems are versatile as always, there is no specific theme, just the poems I blogged compiled together.


Happy reading!

Sharmishtha Basu

17th July 2018

Haridebpur, Kolkata

Friday, 7 June 2019

Agnimalya Book 9 : Soul Devourers

Agnimalya Book 9 : Soul Devourers, 17th July 2018

Agnimalya Book 9 : The soul devourers


I truly enjoyed writing this story, that is why I kept it in stock, wondering if I will publish it in my own store or Amazon, then my own store won the vote and here it is!


I hope you will enjoy this fantasy story!


A piece from the story:


Soul Devourers

By Sharmishtha Basu

Editor: Troy David Loy



Her cellphone chirped…


She smiled and opened the inbox. A beautiful sms was waiting there.




"What kind of name is that?" was the first question she has asked him. Her hibernating cyber friend who woke up from hibernation after three years of dormant presence!


"My Swiss net friend has given me that name… she says I look Greek not Indian."




She had dozens of friends in internet, some close and some distant like Greecie, it seemed he has become curious about her all of a sudden.


At that time she was going through a really bad patch of time. He became the patient ear.


Things got worse and worse, he kept playing the ideal friend.


Something inside her kept warning her to stay away from him. She did not listened to that warning voice, those accidents that started to hound her …. The way her life took turn towards nightmare… a ghoulish nightmare.


She was so lonely…. So needed a true friend she could trust, someone with a sympathetic ear…


The next minute the phone started to ring, "What are you doing?"




"Will call you later!" he disconnected.


One after the other beep started to sound announcing sms after sms, she turned the phone to silent after a quick glance at her boss who was sitting nearby.


An hour or so later she noted that her inbox was full with his smses.


"Where do you live these days?" was the first sms that popped up in her inbox after she emptied it, it was another friend of hers, a bit more than a friend….


"Why in Kolkata!" she promptly answered.


"I call …. You don’t pick up…. I sms… they bounce back…." He smsed.


"Sorry the inbox was full." She answered explaining.


"Really…?" he asked sounding a bit jealous. "Who is this new friend of yours?"




"Is he married?"




"hmm… ok…"


Treacherous sands

She left the office in evening. An office that she would never have joined if she had the options! It was in factory premises, surrounded by at-least half a dozen more factories. The workers of those factories were her only companion through-out the day, so naturally she had to use their filthy, nightmarish rest room too. Its images flashed in her nightmares in nights.


She had to work because she lost her parents as a child her unmarried uncle brought her up. He was not much older than her, eighteen years, an extremely kind soul but was not rich enough to provide her the joy of staying at home or marry her off to a decent young man or allow her the luxury so she could try jobs that she preferred. She did not even had the required skills, courtesy went to her lack of money when she was growing up, she often did not have enough money to make ends meet, so pursuing special trainings for lucrative jobs was a sweet dream for someone like her, therefore, here she was, sitting in an office which was not meant for women of her nature, type.


To add up to that ever since her return from that nightmarish town, she had been stalked by misfortune and ugly people. Making the chances of last two options reduced to almost zero.


It seemed it has become routine for her to be appointed by thieves only, thieves who thrive on moneys stolen from their employees. She has worked in offices after offices, under white-collared thieves who rudely terminated the jobs after making her work for months and then denying her the salaries, using the excuse of her incompetent performance, the longest one was three months for a advertising house, run by rich folks, who paid her 1500 for back-breaking job and treated her so badly that she had to leave.


These two at-least paid her salaries, that too on time and kept to themselves, they were neither sweet to her nor disrespectful to the extent that she had to leave, they were mostly not around. They sat in their central Kolkata office most of the time.


"Where are you?" the message flashed on her cellphone screen bringing a smile to her lips. It felt really nice to be cared for.


"Heading home!" was her prompt answer.


"Caught the bus?"


"No, walking out of office main gate."


Her uncle has been transferred to Assam, he visited every weekend, she had to stay back because he was going to return Kolkata after a couple of years.


He has become quite distant since shifting to Guwahati, he has been through too much because of her. Because he has been patiently or not listening to all her frustrations and sufferings for all these years… She knew he must have been feeling blessed after moving away. How frustrating it must have been for him to hear all those ranting for years.


She lived so different a life before her visit to the Gajmahal .That creepy town lying hidden in sands of Rajasthan! She went there to visit her sister and stayed back for a year.


Now she wonders why she gave in to her coaxing, the elder sister married to a millionaire who could easily snap off her ties with her eleven years old orphan sister saying she can’t take the responsibilities.


"Stay here with us." Her husband said, "Your sister will be very happy and so will I. It will be really good to have you in my office. We really don’t get much educated staffs here."


The nightmares

Things passed like dream for first few months, a job, a small rented flat in her sister’s employee’s multistoried house, a salary she could never dream of in Kolkata.


Then she started having those strange nightmares. Her sister often invited her to stay with her, overnight, an offer she gladly accepted. Those were the nights of those bizarre nightmares.


She slept like a log, so unlike her…. No tossing and turning during the nights… every morning the alarm woke her up.


But when she woke up she had a vague feeling that she has not been alone through the night. Someone else was there in the room or may be more than one…


Then those strange marks on her arms, two or more than two small puncture marks, but they were not wounds, they were more like pigmentations… they kept appearing on her body …


Her colleagues seemed to talk in multiple layers, she could not grasp the inner meaning of all those multilayered speeches but others did. That made her feel very uncomfortable and something told her that they wanted her out of there.


She has been brought up to treat people nicely, beautifully.


May be that’s why they were not very eager to butcher her… like her sister did. Then she had to leave the town without saying goodbye…..


One night, she woke up in the middle of the night, without any apparent reasons at all. She was about to go back to sleep when she heard something.


A strange sound of incantation seeping through the walls! She checked the watch it was three in the morning, the language was absolutely unknown to her. It was not Sanskrit or any other language she has heard in all these thirty years of her life.


She opened the door. A faint light was seeping out of one of the doors of her landlord’s home.


Something pulled her towards it, and resisting her natural self, the one that believes in privacy of others, she walked towards it.


One of the windows was opened… just a crack and she pressed her eyes on it.


A feeling of disgust and uneasiness swept through her.


Her landlord, his wife, and some of her colleagues were standing around a table, a young woman was lying on it; she seemed to be drugged because her eyes were open but she was absolutely nonchalant to her surroundings. They were wearing black hooded dress like the devil worshippers of horror movies, their apparent leader, wearing a scarlet robe was standing with his or her back towards her…she could not see the face.


The unconscious girl did not have a thread on her body and it was painted with bizarre diagrams.


They all had small knives in their hands, the edge of those knives were as pointed as needle.


Then their leader turned a bit and she could see his face… it was her brother in law.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

agnimalya book 7 an adult love story

agnimalya book 7 an adult love story


Agnimalya is a book of stories, each month this book is gifted to my patrons in patreon and it contains all types of stories, some are illustrated but most are not. This one is all about stories.


This book was shared in pieces in patreon, now it is here as a full book. It is a story about true love, the way a matured adult loves another person I believe. It is not about physical side of love though. Don’t be confused by the name please! You won’t see much of that in my works are almost always about psychological, spiritual or mental side of love.


I wonder if you will enjoy this one.


Drop me a line! Tell me what you thought of it!


Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Agnishatdal Book 7- Durgapuja 1425

Agnishatdal Book 7- Durgapuja 1425


Agnishatdal is a monthly English Ezine created by a group of extremely talented, huge-hearted writers, artists and creators. As its creators are scattered all over the world its creations are versatile. They are free to create whatever they want to as long as it is not biased, ugly so you can be sure of one thing, its contents are versatile.


You will see many a type of stuffs in the Ezines, stories, critiques, artworks, photograph, poem, non-fiction…


As for the Quarterlies, they sometimes have the contents from the Ezines sometimes not. This quarterly is celebrating one of Agnishatdal’s priceless gems Raghunandan Kuppuswamy, his gifts to the Ezine(s) are beyond words! He has been gifting his works for free, from the very beginning.


These works have been published in the Ezine! I picked the ones I loved best. Have fun!


You know that these works are copyrighted to Raghunandan Kuppuswamy or the rightful owners of the works are mentioned in the end of the posts. His contact is at the end of the book.


Love and best wishes.

Sharmishtha Basu


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Agnijaat Book 7 - Durgapuja 1425

Agnijaat Book 7 - Durgapuja 1425


Agnijaat is a monthly English Ezine, that serves as an outlet to hyperactive muse of its humble creator Sharmishtha Basu. She is blessed with extra amount of energy and time, and this Ezine saves her from getting bored to death!


Monthly issues of the Ezine contains versatile things, stories, poems, illustrations, essays and myriad other stuffs. The quarterlies sometimes share the contents of the Ezines sometimes not. Just like last quarterly this year too it contains not stuffs from the Ezine.


This quarterly is all about sketches I painted last year, as I painted them during Durgapuja by the time they finished Durgapuja was over, so, I am sharing them this year, hope you will enjoy them!


Do drop a line! My contact details are at the end of the book.


Love and best wishes.


Sharmishtha Basu